What do I need to bring to the appointment?

  • Government issued photo ID
  • Payment
  • Relevant medical and pharmacy records
  • Previous medical cannabis cards

What can I expect during my appointment?

You appointment with Columbus Cannabis Consultants is just ilke any other physician appointment.  You will be greeted by the staff and asked to complete intake forms.  If you have records which support a qualifying condition, the physician will review your records, ask relevant questions and perform a physical exam.  If you are seeking a diagnosis of a qualifying condition, the physician’s evaluation may require additional testing and visits.

Does Columbus Cannabis Consultants accept insurance?

No.  Most insurers consider medical cannabis experimental.  They will not reimburse the physician for the time spent completing the State Board of Pharmacy application for affirmative defense or the other reporting required for the medical doctor to maintain their Certificate to Recommend.

While the individual physicians may be listed by your insurance plan, Columbus Cannabis Consultants, LLC is not contracted with any private or government insurers

Columbus Cannabis Consultants, LLC accepts cash, credit cards and money orders/cashier’s checks.  Regretfully, we do not accept personal checks.

If you intend to pay for your services with someone else’s credit card, the card holder must be present and must sign the receipt.  If you are a first time patient paying with a credit card, you must have the card present.